Taoyuan Industrial Art Festival

Taoyuan is home to a large number of factories, which also means the region contains a large number of resources. By bringing in different companies and artists, we want to provide the festival with unique art pieces made from the waste locally. The goal is to utilize the resource in the area to create something beautiful for the annual festival in Taoyuan. 

x biasarchitects

Circular Building Plan

Working with various stakeholders including architects, recyclers, colleges, energy companies and more, REnato lab is developing a circular building plan to create solutions for the urban environment and beyond. The strategy is to apply innovative methods to the current linear construction and usage of buildings to be zero waste. The goal is to draw and execute a blueprint for many circular buildings to come.

x MisoSoupDesign
x Old Farmer Landscape

E-waste Recycling Communication

Rethinking how we tell the e-waste story, this project aims to create a better e-waste recycling method along with better recycling marketing plan. The shareholders include the Environmental Protection Agency, a multinational hardware electronics corporation, an international chain of convenience stores, and an e-waste recycler, and more.

Home 2025

If materials can be infinitely recycled in the future, the users can transform the same material into different configurations.  This concept became a focal point for the project Home 2025, the goal is to fulfill environmental and economic values while achieving a zero-waste future living space.

x JUT Foundation