To spread the idea of a circular economy, REnato lab executes multiple options. 


One of the most easily understood methods to see a trash’s potential is through object design. The range of items and materials vary from time to time base on our partners’ trash. We work with both in-house designer and other designers to relive these “misplaced resources” back into the people’s lives.  

X nbt. Studio design 

A series of collections that were made with various waste including e-waste, tires, screens, bottles, belts, and more. The goal was to explore different kinds of waste material as a resource. 

X Studio Shikai

The second generation of REstone, which was made by recycled PC boards, now with a more complex look and applications. Inspired by the electronic symbols, Studio Shikai created a new set of items including a table, wine bucket, and bookstands in response to the e-waste issue.


The root of a problem often time comes to a set system, therefore, REnato lab uses design thinking to delve into the issues to create new systems. We look at the larger picture and gather all the related parties, after extensive trial and error, to generate the most applicable solution system. 


To communicate with the mass, exhibitions are useful tools to attract attention as well as spreading new ideas. We are creative in our way of presentation to allow the participants to experience a whole new topic of the world. Also during so, our partners get to have exposure in ways and locations that they never had the opportunity to do or be so.  


Hands-on is the best way to learn and exchange knowledge. The workshops are a great way to gather like-minded professional and public audience to learn topics to reach our communication goals. These workshops are also a great chance for cross-sector collaboration to work together to create a new product or service for our partners. 

Getting old is not a problem, but getting useless is. In these workshops, we invited participants to bring in their unwanted or used items for a makeover. The workshops worked with designers and/or artists along with the item owners to create brand new items for the owners. The process is also a learning experience to spread the words on reuse and remanufcutring, meaning life can be relived as long as you let it so.

As the amount of e-waste increase yearly in all parts of the world, the workshops invited a speaker from the United Nations University to share their lately foundings on the trends. Together with the participants, we brainstormed ideas and possibilities to solve one of the greatest problems that are facing the humanity to date and years to come.


Creating a focused environment to talk about topics that tie into a circular economy is the goal of the salons. We invited professionals from all backgrounds to join us for a night of discussion and interaction to brainstorm a better tomorrow. 

RE material

For a new economy to emerge, new materials need to be created. REnato lab looked into various "resources" that we gather from different sectors to study their possibilities. In this section, we feature our findings of the material that were once considered as waste. The stories include what they were to what they have become, along with their properties. 

REstone, made by recycled PC Boards. A project with Super Dragon Technology Co., Ltd .