REnato lab

By “Relive Everything”, REnato lab applies circular economy values to everyday life.




Aiming to think beyond recycling and to respond to an increasing waste management issue, REnato lab was founded in 2014 in Taipei with multidisciplinary experts ranging from environmental engineering to design.

The goal was to rethink what we view as trash today and relive them into something valuable for the future by using circular concepts. 



In the past years, REnato lab was able to collaborate with various stakeholders, both in public and private sectors, to explore different opportunities to build a circular tomorrow. To better move the society from a linear to a circular model, REnato lab strives to be an all-around service generator.  




We provide consulting services to organizations to think outside of the box to build an adaptive product/system that will thrive in a circular economy. REnato lab has a wide range of solutions to turn an organization's waste to resources. The solution does not end with products but systems, in order to create lasting change for our clients and partners




We believe the story of reduce, reuse, recycle can be done better. The marketing resource put into sustainability efforts needs to increase to foster a circular economy. REnato lab has expertise in storytelling by the methods of curation and communication, both online and offline. The strategy is to use a common language to reach a larger audience in order to gain more awareness and thus actions to make change happen. 




We are keen to learn and keen to share, REnato lab is committed to converse on different occasions to provide our experience to a wider audience. The goal is to generate more discussion on circular concepts, sharing knowledge and experience to the world to accelerate circular changes.



To spread the idea of a circular economy, REnato lab provides multiple services with a sustainable design thinking mindset.


To spread the idea of a circular economy, we pursue different routes. This includes the most tangible and easily understood method, product production.


The root of a problem often time comes to a set system, therefore, we have developed innovative ways to delve into the issues to create new systems.


To communicate with the mass, exhibitions are useful tools to attract attention as well as spreading new ideas.


Hands-on is the best way to learn and exchange knowledge. The workshops are a great way to gather like-minded professional and public audience to learn topics to reach our communication goals.


Creating a focused environment to talk about topics that tie into a circular economy is the goal of the salons.

Re material 

For a new economy to emerge, new materials need to be created. REnato lab looked into various "resources" that we gather from different sectors to study their possibilities.


april 2017

The 21st-century alchemist, REnato lab relive the value of electronic waste.

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